Black Tea Gentleman


Character Statistics
Name Black Tea Gentleman


Gender Male
Hair Color Crimson with a white highlight
Eye Color Blue (?)
Race Demon
Debut The Princess
Status Alive

The Black Tea Gentleman (紅茶紳士) appears in the third chapter of the story. He makes a contract with Midori Kusunoki.

Personality & BackgroundEdit

It is said that even though he has no rank, he is in fact the right-hand man of the Headmaster which makes him the second rank and "Vice Principal" in reality.

Unlike most youkai he does not seem to like killing his prey. Instead, he approaches them by offering a contract. If the person accepts then he will grant their wish in exchange for only a portion of their soul.



  • The Princess
  • The Lunar Festival
  • Before the Spider Lily Bloom


  • Due to his relationship with Izanami - it is very unlikely that they hunt the same prey.
  • In the human realm, it is quite possible that BTG is able to find easy selections and possible creates unsafe enviroments for his prey.
  • It is unknown if his prey live after. But the library suggest it's quite possible his victimes can save themselves.
  • However it is pretty vague on how much reality is warped by his power. As Marie seems to presume what Midori sees is real, until proven otherwise by the BTG.

Quotes Edit

"A puny youkai with no ranking like myself will surely be no match for you" - (The Princess' Lie)