"Tee hee hee~." - Higanbana's noticeable laughter

Higanbana (彼岸花) is one of the main characters of the story. She is the third ranked youkai in the school and is referred to as "The Dancing Higanbana."

Personality & BackgroundEdit

Higanbana has straight black hair and red eyes. Her bang is short. On the top of her hair, she has a red and white striped bow. Higanbana seems to have a twisted personality, often aiming to scare others or instigate conflict. However, below the surface she may not actually be a bad person. She also seems to take great pride in the rumor concerning her doll vessel in the infirmary and will often mention it to others, seeming disappointed if they don't know of it. 

She is also know to be "exceptionally cruel."

Depending on what chapter you are reading, Higanbana's role will change. If she's targeting a bullied victim, she will be the anti-hero. However, is she's targeting a bully, she will be the villain.

She is usually quite lonely, since very few people come to visit her in the infirmary.



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Reaper of the Thirteenth Step Edit

Higanbana makes a minor appearance in Reaper of the Thirteenth Step late in the chapter.

After Aya Souma bumps into her after realizing Osato existence had disappeared, Higanbana discusses about her dislike of PE and the schedule Osatos class was on, leaving a subtle hint that PE days had a shorter time in Izanamis game.

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Trivia Edit

  • Higanbana's name literally means "Red spider lily".


Quotes Edit

  • "We have the freedom to hunt where we want. But we also have the freedom to get in the way if we want to, right?" - Utopia
  • "So then of course, We have the freedom to steal from the sidelines too." - Utopia
  • "Teeheehee~!"
  • "You can dance with the third-ranked school youkai, the Dancing Higanbana." - Utopia
  • "TeeheeheeHEEHEEHEEHEEHEE...!" - Utopia
  • "Come.... Jump now. And grant yourself peace. ...Don't be afraid. ...I'm right there. I... will catch you... Heehee, teeheehee..." - A Thistle of Vengeance
  • "....That girl is still the princess of a beautiful world." - The Princess' Lie
  • "...Unable to face reality, wishing for a world of lies, she refuses to pay the price..." - The Princess' Lie