Marie is the protagonist of the first chapter and plays an important role throughout the story. She eventually becomes the eighth ranked youkai, "Mesomeso-san."

Personality & BackgroundEdit

Marie is a timid and quiet student who is frequently the target of bullying and abuse. She has short orange hair and purple eyes. She wears glasses and wears school clothing. She has low self-esteem and an inferiority complex towards her older siblings and peers. Because of this, Higanbana tends to use her as her lackey(as shown in "Welcome to the Mirror World", where she ordered Marie to go find her cake within five minutes.)

However, after becoming "Mesomeso-san", she starts to become more confident and will stand up for people who are stuck in a bad situation.

In the chapter "Welcome to the Mirror World", her mirror counterpart is described as being "a ruthless tyrant." In contrast to the original Marie's gentle personality, the mirror world version is more cynical, sometimes even disrespectful. She is also very violent.



higanbana no saku yoru ni - dai ichi ya

  • Mesomeso-san
  • The Spirit Camera
  • The Princess' Lie
  • Shrine of The Gardian Deity
  • Hameln's Castanets
  • One girl's day
  • Utopia

higanbana no saku yoru ni - dai ichi ya

  • The Lunar Festival
  • Welcome to the Mirror World
  • My Best Friend


  • It's revealed in Chapter 7 of the Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni Manga that Marie is in her third year of Elementary School.
    • Given there are more than 10 classes (as class names), assuming she's a third year student in the VN canon, her classroom would be named 3-8 (as continuously reference as the 8th class).
  • In the regular world, Marie stays as the Eighth Ranked Yōkai "Mesomeso-san", but her counterpart in the Mirror World is the First Ranked Yōkai "Geragera-san".
    • Mesomeso means "sobbing" and Geragera means "guffaw" or "laugh".

Quotes Edit

"We can make anyone our prey....And we can take anyone's prey." - (The Princess' Lie)

"I understand that youkai are under the circumstances where we must consume souls to live." - (The Princess' Lie)