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Michiru Sakurada

Michiru a girl with the ability to sense spirits. She is the main protagonist of "Shrine of the Guardian Deity" and "My Best Friend".

Personality & BackgroundEdit


Tomoko Okada (Best Friend)


higanbana no saku yoru ni - dai ichi ya

  • Shrine of The Guardian Deity

Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni - Dai Ni Ya

  • Reaper of the Thirteenth Step
  • My Best Friend


  • Michiru is the first character introduce of having spiritual powers
    • Her 'evil eye' is something she's not fond of, but has no real need for her eyepatch as it healed from its wound long ago
  • First character who's shown in a scene with her parents.
  • Doesn't enjoy the occult club mostly due to how they act, but she's revered by them.
    • Seemingly if asking for a supernatural expert - proven in 8th chapter - many students (despite its huge vastness) will guide you to her.
  • Nobody else goes to school's shrine except for her and the Nurse.
  • Michiru tries to be helpful but cannot do much against high ranking Youkai(s), usually asking Sakunoshin for advice.
  • After The First Night, her powers appear to have grown or Sakunoshin shows himself delibrately to her.
    • But means nothing if demons/gods truly try to hide themselves.