Midori Kusunoki


Midori Kusunoki
Character Statistics
Name Midori Kusunoki


Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Race Human
Debut The Princess
Status Alive

Midori Kusunoki (楠木みどり) is the protagonist of the third chapter of the story. She is refered to as a princess by most of the students in her school and is loved by almost everyone.

Personality & BackgroundEdit

Midori is kind, rich and popular. At first glance she seems to have everything she could ask for. However, prior to the story she acted more like a condescending and spoiled brat and was hated by most of her class. Her sudden transformation is what lead to her current popularity and social status.

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In reality Midori hadn't truly changed in the slightest, thanks to the Black Tea Gentleman: she was able to avoid reality and pretend to be "The Princess" of the class. "The Princess" herself is an actual bully who beat down Midori when she found her dress up as "The Witch" that their school Drama Club was doing.

In all actuality she can truly act, however, goes unnotice by her peers.

If she able to overcome the Black Tea Gentleman's contract, she might have a career in acting.


A yellow headband holding back her brown, wavy hair. Wears a above-knee, blue buttoned, white dress with blue hems matching her capelet, following a single blue ribbon on the side of her dress, knee-high eggshell white socks(?) and similar themed shoes.



  • Due in Higanbana - The Second Night: it's possible Midori could of met the Black Tea Gentleman in another unknown situation.