Because I really want to fix up and make it better. For the first night we have a decent amount of info. A Great share of pictures.

I'm a contributor and this is my first actully using wikia/wiki(/and techically wikiapedia) other than a source of info.

I'm still relatively new but if anything I was to fix up how it is.

My objective are:

  1. Fill up info (and edit out things that don't fit its place. I probably might have to edit out trivia into something else - maybe -)
  2. Fix the Wikia Navigation and front page*
  3. Make a glossary of terms, the status of the Higanbana manga and other stuff Ryukishi07 been doing.
  4. Learn how to use templates and better the infoboxes I'm/we're using at the moment.
  5. etc

(*)I need to be an admin to actually edit it.

PS: So who's the admin/founder and how many people are admins or contributors?