Yuuki Noda

野田 裕貴

Character Statistics
Name Yuuki Noda

野田 裕貴

Gender Male
Hair Color Dark Cyan
Eye Color Dark Cyan
Race Human
Status Dead

Yuuki Noda (野田 裕貴 Noda Yuki?) is a young boy who enjoys art and loves his art teacher, Nafumi Shintani.


Role in the StoryEdit

A male student who encountered a youkai inside the school's art room, thinking "she's" a student and eventually became friends with her, not knowing that Renoir is a boy. Later on, he was found death inside the said art room and was rumoured to be a victim of Renoir's curse. He was actually killed by his abusive teacher, whom he developed feelings for.


  • Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni - Dai Ichi Ya